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alessadelpiero's Journal

Alessandro Del Piero
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Welcome To The First Community Dedicated to Alessandro Del Piero, #7 for the Italy National Football Team. Del Piero was a part of the 2006 world cup match against France. Italy were the fourth time champ's bringing the trophy home to Italy.

This community is run and maintained by alongdecemberxo please be patient
as she runs 2 other communities(fabiogross & francescototti all of which are her first venture into creating communities! Comments,Questions,Suggestions,Graphic Makers are welcome at any time.


Keep things on topic.Use Lj-cuts for 'risky' and/or big photos.
Photos,wallpapers,icons are allowed.Please Tag entries,Have Fun and Be Nice!

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Thanks to angelinadp for the cool alessa banner for the userinfo!